Sapphire Davinci Resolve 15 issue


Hi there,

Sapphire OFX (11.x or 12.x) are not longer usable in DR 15.x. (mac)

No keyframing possible anymore, woking with windows also broken (no soft mask possible anymore - the edge always hard) and the overall performance is absolute bad. All that was working fine in DR 12/14.x.

I had contact with the guys at Boris FX but they can’t reproduce the problem (which i can hardly believe because in the BMD forum are other user with similar issues).

Has anyone had the same experience?


Spec: MP 5.1 12 Core 3,5Ghz | OS 10.12.6 | 96GB Ram | 2x Nvidia 980Ti | DR 15.2.2


Hi Dany,

I tried keyframing a few of our params by clicking on the keyframe button to the right of the param and then moving to a new point and then changing that param. As I scrub the timeline it was able to animate fine.

I don’t actually see the keyframes in the keyframe panel; however I don’t see that for Resolve’s built in effects such as Glow as well so its working the same way as any other effects.

As for the Mask, which mask are you using? Are you using Resolve’s built in mask or are you using Mocha Mask? I was able to feather both mask. Can you send a screenshot of what you’re seeing as a hard edge?



Hi Linh,

Please download the screencapture mov about the keyframe issue HERE (It’s done with a screencapture demo app, but you see what i mean).

And here the other issue: Soft mask applyed to f.e. S_LensFlare always hard.


Hi Dany,

I was able to reproduce all the issues that you indicated:

  • Widgets not moving when keyframed - We actually found this during the early beta but chopped it up as a host beta issues.
  • Keyframe not being autokeyframed - This is actually working correctly under the hood because when you click the keyframe icon next to the params (this is new in 15) it adds a keyframe. If you click the right/left arrow next to the keyframe button you’d be able to jump to the next keyframes. That said we can’t see the keyframes but this might be due to their new keyframe implementation.
  • Mask softness isn’t working correctly - It looks to me like the softness in v15 just isn’t working correctly. Changing the softness area should allow you to feather it.

All these issues seems like they’re host issues though because Sapphire doesn’t have the ability to interact with the keyframes and Resolve’s UI. The softness is also built into the host as well and that is controlled by the host.

I’ll email the Resolve’s team and see how to get this sorted. Hopefully they can get a fix out for these issues. Or maybe the workflow has changed and we’re just using the host wrong.



I can keyframe parameters just fine and I can mask most effects in Sapphire with a soft edge by using Mocha.

But there seems to be a bug in Sapphire too: masks from Mocha are not respected by S_LensFlare, nor by S_LensFlareAutoTrack. The mak arrives, I can see it when I switch to “Show Mocha Only” but it does nothing for the effect.


Hi Uli,

This seems to be working fine for me. With the mocha mask when used with lensflare, it acts like an occlusion layer mask where if the lensflare is inside the mask then it won’t be visible and if it is outside then it will be visible.

Please let me know if that is not what you’re seeing and I can revisit this issue.



Hi Linh,

Today DR 15.2.3 is released. Is the issue fixed now? Or how long it takes to fix that?



Hi Dany,

This issue isn’t on Sapphire’s end but rather on Blackmagic’s host end so there isn’t much we can do about it. We’ve already relayed the messages to the engineers at blackmagic to have this issue resolved and they’re working on it.



Thanks Linh!

We have done some tests with DR 15.2.3. The keyframe issue ist fiexed, but the mask is still a problem.