Sapphire DigitalDamage too fast

hey there, i am working with DigitalDamage filter. i would love to damage the pict in a remarcably slower speed, without any blinking frequence. i put the frequence as low as i could - 0.10 but the image is still blinking (turning the effect on and off). any help / idea?
thank´s and best, stef

Hi Stef!

This is a great feature request, and overall speed parameter for digital damage for a slow effect!

I think all the params you need are currently in DD, there’s just a ton of them. There a couple different blink frequencies (and speed parameters) in the different groupings of parameters you would have to turn down to make DD “do nothing”, which is close to your goal. I would start by turning off all the groups except one, and focus on playing with parameters in that single grouping until you can achieve what you want. Then turn that group, and focus on a different group. Keep doing this for all the groups to try until you are done, and then turn them all back on at the end so see what they look and feel like all playing together. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!