Sapphire Edge Blur not working as OFX

I recently purchased a license for Sapphire OFX, so I have 2020.5 installed on a mac with Autodesk Flame 2020.3 as the host. The majority of the plugins are working, but I cannot get EdgeBlur to work properly. Previously you would of course feed the plugin with a front and a matte and it would create a matte edge and blur the front within that edge. However now it appears to ignore the matte that you feed it and simply generates a lumakey of its own from the front input and blurs within that. So the majority of the image gets blurred, not just the edge.
I’m working with HD images in a REC709 colourspace.
Let me know if you’re aware of this and any workaround.

Hi Emir,

Can you send me your batch project file? I’m able to get the edge to blur base upon the matte that was inputted like the following:

Here is my batch setup:

Make sure both your inputs/mattes are the same size.


Thanks linh,
That explains it, It was my operator error, partly caused by the fact that you now have to put the Matte into the input that’s green for Back and labelled “Back” rather than into the input that’s blue for Matte and labelled “Matte” (!)