Sapphire effects / presets / plugin contents not appearing in after effects (effects) tab

I Installed using the latest sapphire installer, using no license, but the effects won’t show up in the effects tab in after effects. I have the latest version of After Effects, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my installation. Anyone have a solution?

Was AE open during the install? Needs to be closed. Also, make sure that when you’re installing Sapphire it shows the correct version of AE in the installer. I’ve had multiple versions of AE installed before and mistakenly installed Sapphire for the wrong version.

I am pretty sure AE was closed. The physical TAB wasn’t open, but I’m not sure about the background processes. Also, I am using Adobe After Effects 2020, so I think its the right version. (I am installing the 2021 version, if that is correct)

In the “Effects” menu in AE there are no “Sapphire” folders? (There should be several)

Is this on Windows or Mac? If Mac you can open the Installer log while the Sapphire Installer is still open and see if there are any error messages.

Do you have a large number of plugins installed? I seem to remember that there may be some limit to the number of effects that AE can display/use but I could be wrong. (Probably not this)

Is AE installed on the main drive or somewhere else? Does the Sapphire installer selected location match where AE is?

(Just trying to think of some ideas)

There are no “Sapphire” folders that I can find. There is no scroll bar. I am windows 10, I don’t have any plugins installed. This is my first one! I only have 1 drive. C: drive. Its installed in C:ProgramFiles\adobe or something/somewhere like that. The sapphire installer is automatically set to the Media Core folder.

(C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore)

Also, i never seem to find anything in the media core folder after installation. It’s always empty. Theres this thing called “Dummy Text” that just contains text that says media core something is installed. I don’t know if its actually installing to media core or whatever is happening.