Sapphire Error / Bug, Premiere Pro

Sapphire is giving me an error, and falling back to CPU. Using AMD 3600 + EVGA 3080 TI. Even clicking on the affected clips makes my project freeze in one segment, leaving it uneditable.

2022-04-05 13_45_48-Sapphire Plug-ins Error

Premiere Proj Segment with error:

s_error_log.txt (154.8 KB)

For me it seems scrolling near the end of the timeline initiates the error, you can test with the project I have uploaded for debugging purposes above.

Looks like this is associated with blue “filmdamage1”

Its s_effect filmdamage, also happening with this preset:

Cine blue & B&W Film Projector, I BLV

Was working fine in earlier Premiere/Sapphire versions, so looks like the new version isn’t compatible with the presets of the older version.