Sapphire License and Mocha License on different floating license servers?


We have existing Mocha licenses on an older license server that we don’t want to migrate off of yet and we want to buy Sapphire licenses on our new license server. We are unable to install the Sapphire licenses on the old license server…

I am pretty sure that we will have an issue with the environment variables for the Mocha vs Sapphire license server.

Am I correct in this assumption that they both use the same license environment variable?

Is there a workaround where I could have either of them using a separate license environment variable? Or potentially, if I install a client license file on the workstations, can I have it point back to the new license server? If neither of those work, is there a way to have fallback servers? So it tries the new one first (for Sapphire) and falls back to the old one if it can’t find the correct license (Mocha)?


Hi! Please contact support for licensing questions and support, you can find the contact form here: Boris FX | Open a Case

Or for more help, you can also check out our FAQ Section or call us at 1-888-77-BORIS.