Sapphire locking up system

I’m on Davinci Resolve and was having problems with Sapphire in the Fusion tab, so I installed the Fusion Studio standalone, which solved most of the problems. However, when I add more nodes, or create an effect in Builder, it can drag down my system. Also, even if it works fine as I’m creating the comp, as soon as I import it to my timeline I have difficulty playing anything even at a lower resolution playback.
I’m on a laptop (a desktop is not a possibility right now) running 16GB of RAM with a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 card. All of my media, project files, etc are on my internal SSD (I have an external HDD and a Thunderbolt drive for storage/archiving), but I have to be really careful with file size so it doesn’t fill up too fast. My laptop can take up to 64GB of RAM, so would that be my best solution for getting it to run smoothly?

During the slowdown, does Task Manager report the laptop is trying to use more than 16 GB? If not, more CPU RAM won’t help. Performance is probably limited by the 3060, which has only 6 GB (you can also monitor GPU dedicated memory in Task Manager). When working at resolutions higher than HD, some Sapphire effects may need more than 6 GB. When that happens, Sapphire stops using the GPU, CPU usage spikes, and things slow way down.