Sapphire OFX activation fails with error -153 on a new computer

I get activation error -153: rehostable hostid exists.
This license was once activated on my laptop, but I deactivated and uninstalled it.
Screenshot 2020-09-29 094556

Please contact support – they have a lot more experience with this sort of thing.


Here’s reply from support team, that helped to fix the issue:

  • First, uninstall Sapphire for OFX from your system.
  • Delete the rehostable folder “sapphire_ae_ofx_sparks_102” from C:\ProgramData\Reprise\Genarts
    (This will help us ensure that we remove any potential old residual licensing from the machine… please make sure this gets done.)
  • Restart your system.
  • Make sure all running host applications are closed.
  • Download a fresh copy of Sapphire 2020.5 for OFX (Win) from
  • Run the Sapphire installer.
  • When prompted to license Sapphire, enter in your activation key.
  • The next time you start up Resolve, the license should take effect.