Sapphire OFX Not Loading in Flame

I started a support ticket for this through the web portal but never got a receipt. So here it goes:

In addition to the Sapphire Preset Browser not working in Resolve 17, I can’t get Sapphire plugins to load in Autodesk Flame 2021.2.

I get the following dialogue in the Flame Console:

PIPELINE: Plugin com.genarts.sapphire.Adjust.S_Gamma not found.

I’ve reproduced this issue with several of the Sapphire effects. The Boris OFX plugins seems to be working fine.

I’m beginning to think there is something wrong with my Sapphire OFX install as I am having issues across two programs. I just updated to 2021.51 this morning, but that hasn’t resolved these issues.

Any help would be appreciated!



Try deleting the /opt/Autodesk/flame_versionNumber/status/ofxPluginCache.xml file and relaunching Flame. It’s a known issue that Autodesk is looking to fix.


Hi Brian

Thanks so much for your help!

I deleted the ofxPluginCache.xml file and all the Sapphire effects I’ve cycled through are working beautifully - Preset Browser included.

Very grateful - thanks again!


Great! Happy to have helped, and hopefully we can get a fix into Flame soon.