Sapphire OFX Trial in Flame - Resolution Issues?

I’m testing a watermarked trial of SapphireOFXInstall-2021.01 in Flame 2021.2. I’m on a 2019 MacPro running MacOS BigSur 11.1

I’ve encountered what I hope is an error limited to the trial and not an inscrutable Flame bug. When I use Sapphire OFX on 4k footage, the output is a full 4k frame cropped to what appears to be 1920x1080. The rest of the frame is black.

Paradoxically, Boris Continuum OFX Trial works on the 4k frame perfectly.

Sapphire does work full frame on 1920x1080 footage.

I’ve attached screens of the 4k footage before FX and after Sapphire and Boris Continuum additions.

I’d love to get an answer to this before I purchase the suite. If there is indeed a bug in this configuration, I’ll have to wait until its resolved (pun intended).

Thank you!

That’s a limitation of the trial mode – it’s limited to 1080HD. Rest assured the licensed version will work at higher resolutions.