Sapphire plugins can't be keyframed on adjustment layers?

Hi, I tried applying S_Shake to an adjustment layer, and it only works when there are no keyframes on any of the values within the effect. I tried applying a preset I made and it did nothing while on the adjustment layer. I tried deleting the keyframes (which made it work), but then reapplying them only makes the first keyframe work, which defeats the purpose of keyframes.

I really need help with this, if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know!

Hi, what host are you using?

Sorry I’m new here, I’m not sure what you mean by host, I am using Premiere Pro if that helps. Are you referring to the version of the plugins I’m using?

Realized I probably should have sent my message as a reply. I’m using Premiere Pro with the 2023.5 version of sapphire.

Premiere Pro has had an Adobe bug for years where effects applied to Adjustment Layers in Premiere can’t be keyframed. This is on the Adobe side and is unfortunately not something we can resolve on our side. This is not specific to Sapphire, but affects many third party plugins. If you report the issue directly to Adobe it may help nudge them to escalate the priority. For the time being though you may need to find a workaround with nested sequences or After Effects.


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Hi, yes that is what I was referring to but you’ve got an answer :+1::+1:

oof, I appreciate the answer


Well, mostly, but the fix is totally doable and not actually a massive hassle. (posting this in case anybody in the future needs to see it).

If the adjustment layer isn’t working properly, make a second adjustment layer, place it on top (below works too, but top is easier), and make sure to make it the same size as the original. Then just enable at least one keyframe on any of the values of the top adjustment layer (doesn’t need to actually be doing anything), and the bottom adjustment layer will start to work!

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To anyone who reads this in the future, I want to mention that this DOES WORK, but doesn’t work on h.265 footage (even with proxies).