Sapphire Premiere Pro Error loop

Hi All, I recently decided to try out Sapphire with after effects, but was not a fan of the after effects editing process, as I’m used to making videos with premiere pro, but found Premiere lacking in effects…
I have access to all the sapphire plug in effects in Premiere pro, but when applying them to my clips, i get an infinite loop of “Premiere pro debug event: Premiere pro has encountered an error.

I can see the effect has been applied though, and that its playing frame by frame every time i close the error message and another opens. any ideas?
I really loved the sapphire effect, and would like to be able to use them…

pic related:

Hi Nraveyard,

I sent you a message to ask for more details. That is an unusual message and Sapphire shouldn’t be doing that. Perhaps its an incomplete installation of Sapphire or there could be some other issues. Let us try to get to the bottom of it.


Windows 8.1; With Premiere Pro CS6

Sapphire is working completely fine with After effects, so i don’t see how the installation could be incomplete?

Also, i have cleared the cache, and still nothing.

I will try a complete uninstall and reinstall of Sapphire, but i don’t expect it to change the outcome.

Hi Nraveyard,

Sapphire 11 requires Adobe CC2015 or newer to work properly.


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