Sapphire Preset Browser only allows 10 second preview

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Is it just me or does the sapphire preview browser only allow for 10 seconds of the clip to be viewed??

This is great if I want to preview what the effect does for 10 seconds of a given clip but what if I want to preview what the effect does for LONGER than this.

In Contrast, The Continuum BCC preview allows to select any instance from THE ENTIRE CLIP for a longer specified time; Is the Sapphire preview viewer hamstrung?

What am I missing with this??

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You are correct, 10 sec is the limit of the cache in the preset browser. This is done to limit the potential for hangs, if there were to be no limit and you loaded it up on a 2 minute 4k clip- this would not be good.


Thank you for the response.

Understood; however, the Contiuum Browser allows one to select any instance from the entire clip for a longer specified timeframe; so why is this not available for Sapphire preset browser?

Why is the Continuum preset Browser apparently immune to this issue that you describe while for Sapphire it can cause a problem?

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Continuum and Sapphire are different codebases with different past history. It’s not logical to compare them as “apples to apples”. While they may seem similar, they are both very different pieces of software.

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