Sapphire render license... very confused


I would like to have Sapphire + be able to render on some RenderNodes with Fusion 17.

I was searching on the Boris FX site but the informations seems incomplete? or I failed so badly to find it.
I got the NodeLock Bundle ( sapphire + continum + mocha) but I can’t use it on the render nodes.
I contacted help by chat but the response took 2 days and was incomplete… and I guess they are on weekend holiday.

They suggested that I can get 5 render licenses, using “1 year of upgrade and support”
I don’t even understand what that means, as I got the license has valid support for 1 year…
And when I asked what do I need to get 5 render licenses… never got a reply.
Also how the NodeLock license works is not so well explained in the site…

Well If anyone knows how it goes, and can bring a bit of light to this topic I’ll appreciate.
Or any link where I can check that information.

Thank you a lot for your time!

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