Sapphire Render Unit from Boris FX


I upgraded to vegas suite 15 which comes with Sapphire Render Unit from Boris FX. My os became corrupt so I had to reinstall the vegas suite now I can’t re-activate Sapphire Render Unit, even though I have a valid activation number. the plugin keeps telling me I have all my activations (1) but this is the computer that holds the activation!

Please note: I’m installing on a new hard drive in the same tower.
Please help.



This type of issue is best suited for our support team. It would be too hard to diagnose the problem in a forum post, your best bet is to ping them over at and they can get you straightened out.



Thanks Brian I submitted a new message to technical support but so far they have not responded. In fact I’ve submitted this problem to them at least two other times with no response. :confused:


It seems like a simple fix. It would be great if they could just reset my activations to “zero”