Sapphire S Filter

Hi there, I’m totally new to this. I’ve been using Red Giant Universe Plugin’s but they have f**ked up so many times while on deadline that I deleted the Maxon app earlier and someone suggested using Sapphire instead. I spoke with someone at support who said that using the ‘S Filter’ would enable me to see a demo of all the effects at once instead of having to individually apply each effect to a clip from Premiere Pro effect controls one by one to see how it works. Can someone please advise where I find this S Filter and how it works? I took a screenshot from the Boris FX website (attached) which support told me was the S Filter but (pretty unhelpfully) wouldn’t tell me how to find it or how it works? Any advice here would be much appreciated.

S_Effect or S_Transition is probably the filter you are looking for.

Thanks. Is there a way to add the preset browser panel permanently into the Premiere Pro effects control panel, like you can with Red Giant Universe?

No, everything about Sapphire presets including GUI is intentionally cross-platform compatible, so they look and work the same on Windows, Mac and Linux.