Sapphire slows down everything to a crawl

Actually, saying it’s a crawl is being generous…
I’m a Resolve user, and when I load Sapphire effects in Fusion, my laptop slows down dramatically. So much so that Resolve is unusable.
I just created a logo animation in the Fusion page and I can’t do ANYTHING on the Edit page. Just getting titles onto my timeline was a miracle.
I’ve got my playback resolution set to Quarter, and everything is on my local hard drive.
I really like Sapphire, but it’s such a PITA it’s keeping me from doing anything.
Any ideas on how to get this thing to work (and no, a desktop is not an option)?

PS. I just recreated the logo animation with just the effects built into Resolve/Fusion. Everything was good. Not quite the look I wanted, but functional, and I could work on my Edit page. So I went back into Fusion and added ONE Sapphire effect. I tried to edit the effect… and Resolve crashed.

I paid money for this?

Hello @bruce2
Sad to hear that you’re having such experience. Can you specify what exact Sapphire effect did you tried to apply before Resolve crashed? Can you please share your comp specs?
If you send your Resolve project to I can test that out

After all that, I realized I didn’t send you the project file so you can take a look at it (it’s been a hell of a last few days). Anyway, here you go…
NOTE: The Fusion comp I’m working in is the one on the timeline, not the one in the Media Pool (one of my many brain farts).
I’m not sure if the drp file includes the texture and mask files I’m using, so I’m attaching them as well.
The fonts I’m using are: Changeling Neo, Haettenschweiler, and Ofelia Text

(Attachment Logo Animation - PPV.drp is missing)

It looks like the project files are not attaching. You may need to link them a different way.

I’ve considered that, except that this happens when I’m only using Text nodes. I downloaded the standalone Fusion Studio as I was told it works better, and I’m going to see how that works.