Sapphire Stylise - creating threshold mattes

Hi there.
I’m not using the latest Sapphire / Continuum versions currently, so i’m not sure if this has been added to later versions. I’m using 13.

I’m using Emboss glass, and i’ve worked up a nice threshold reveal to transition on the FX. The thing is anything i do to change or grade the quicktime i’m working on has a direct effect on the plugin, as it uses the greyscale or colour of. the layer to give it’s specific look ito the plugin result. Is there a matting technique i can use so i can make a matte for the threshold reveal?

So in effect i can have a copy of the embossglass and also a copy of the lower source quicktime and i can tweak the source and it doesn’t effect the plugin result? Like a show only plugin technique which may involve a pre comp of the source and the matte to work with perhaps?

thank you for reading