Sapphire transitions in Fusion

I was having nonstop problems with Sapphire Effects in the Fusion tab in Resolve so I switched to Fusion Studio and all the Sapphire effects work great (no more unpredictable craziness, and it’s super stable YAY). However, I’m having trouble figuring out how to add Sapphire transitions. When I add a s_transition node to another node (let’s make it simple by using a text node), the s_transition node and everything following it light up red.
I need to be able to add them in the Fusion comp.
Is there a way to add Sapphire transitions to nodes in Fusion?

Transitions need both a Foreground and Background hooked up. Does the Console contain an error message?

Can’t believe I didn’t try that. UGH! (smacks self upside the head) Thanks!