Sapphire Vignette help

i used the saphhire vignette as an presaved effect in premiere pro(newest versions)
sometimes on some images the vignette is displayed much much thicker than i configured it in premiere . see pictures.
is there something wrong?
is use the effects on tha right top under → vorgaben (presaved - german premiere) at the pics

look on picture with and without vignette on
same settings is very small on other pictures, just a touch
where is problem, do i need to change vignette from picture to picture or is it bug because of so many effects?

Is this still an issue for you? Are you saving it as a Sapphire S_Vignette preset? If not, try that workflow instead.


It doesnt work and i used ur method

Please send me your preset. If you click “save preset”, at the bottom of the save dialog that opens is a button “Export preset to file”. Use that to save the preset somewhere easy to find and then attach it here.