Save Format?

Hi, this file is 8k but it’s 29.97fps,
I changed it from the preset 23.976 no prob
but is there a way to sav this as a new preset?

Yes. Add an new entry in the formats.xml file located at: C:\Program Files\BorisFX\Silhouette 2022.0\resources


Hi, thanks n sorry for late reply, I’ve tried this a few times with different text & positions in the list in the note but always get this msg when saving, even after opening as administrator,

Forget that sorry, I thought i had already done this … but had to go into the Resource file Properties - Users & Edit,
choose Users again & tick all boxes below to give Full control - OK

That then let me put a Format of 30fps at the bottom of the list in the Note & Save without a msg, :+1:

Drag the formats.xml file to your Desktop, do the edits and move to back to C:\Program Files\BorisFX\Silhouette 2022.0\resources