Save Mocha Project as Files as in previous versions

Is there anyway to revert to the previous Mocha paradigm where I could save the working file as .mocha files?

The current paradigm which attaches the mocha project to the individual layer is disturbingly inefficient, confusing, and does not allow for any sensible way to back up working files. If I open another artists’ file and they have duplicates of the same footage there is no way to know where the masks on the luma mattes, etc. came from.

When doing complex patch, paint, track, and roto work, the same footage can be duplicated over 10 times and there is no way to know which layer retains the latest information.

Sure, go to Mocha>File>Export Project… (Ctrl+Shift+S)

Or name the layers in your project with the Mocha instances on them, either way, whatever works for your needs.

Hope that helps!

Exporting the file is the idea but can I still open that in AE as I used to be able?

Or do I can I only use Mocha Pro to open that file?

In a production environment it is more sensible to have separate mocha files with separate versions. In the same way that if I have photoshop files and 3d renders from Maya/Houdini, I do not want those respective working files ( .mb, .hip, etc )only editable within a particular AE layer that is using them. I want to be able to open, save, share, and version in the host application. This used to work with MochaAE but I believe that functionality was lost?

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Yes, you can use Mocha the plugin to open those files on any layer.

Or if you like the old style of working, we do have a Mocha Pro standalone option. But I tend to prefer the plugin workflow because it has less margin for error and no way to paste the data in incorrectly.

It really just depends on what you want. Many production houses use the standalone for similar reasons.


When using the plugin version is there any way to see where it is reading the file from?

Like when I use other plugins that rely on outside files it tells me the path to the data.

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I actually don’t think there is without saving it to a specific location. Let me confirm that with @martinb

The project file inside the plugin is saved with the host project file. This is by design so you’re not having to trace which project file is linked to which host project.

If you want to streamline a mocha project backup, your best bet may be to use the autosave history, which automatically saves backups as separate mocha files: