Save output with alpha and background

First thank you for continuing to develop this great software.

Second, I have a simple project with a small background object and particles flying off of it. I’d like to save it an a sequence of png files with transparency. However when I check the “Save Alpha” checkbox when saving output I get only the particles and not the background object. Is there a way to save png images of the particles with the background image?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

It sounds like you’re using the old version of pI3, not the modern Particle Illusion. What exact version are you using? (get that from the “about” window).

In pI3 you can only render the particles with alpha – you’d need to combine it onto your background in another application. In Particle Illusion the same thing applies if you’re using the standalone version.

If you’re using the plug-in version the host application takes care of all of that.

Yeah the current project is in an ancient version, Particle Illusion 3.0 from Wondertouch. How do I get the plug-in version?