Save/Reopen loses camera calibration and scrambles all contours

I’m running Mokey 412 on a dual 2.7 Mac G5, 4GB RAM, on a 2K tif sequence.

When I reopen my project my camera calibration data is lost.
Distortion K1 is reset to 0, the lens center gets set to X=0%,Y=100%, and the focal distance is set to a random small decimal number.
See screenshot:

Worse than this, all my layer contours, surfaces and tracking are grossly distorted, as if they’ve been sucked into the lower left corner of the frame and then spit out toward the upper right.
See screenshot:

The project file is unuseable and a full day’s work from yesterday is down the tubes!

The error repeats on all saved iterations of the file.

Reentering the camera data does not restore the contours etc.

As a workaround, I’d leave the machine running and keep Mokey open, except that the memory issues documented in the release notes lead to instability when multiple Remove passes are run.

Any insight?