Saved/Exported image different than working file

I am using Optics 2022 via LightRoom, and am currently using the trial version while I test the software out.

After playing around with a number of layers (mostly smoke and light rays), I saved the image and it returned back to LR. Once it was complete, I noticed that the saved version in LR was quite a bit different than the working file in Optics.

I tried using the Tiff working file and opening it directly in Optics. It opened with no issue, and looked correct. But when I exported it as a JPEG, it looked the same as it did in LR.

I did some searching in the forum for similar issues, and saw that it could be the fact that I had a few hidden layers that might be affecting the final result…I deleted them, and still have the same problem.

I am on an M1 MacBook Pro with 1TB memory and 16GB ram.

Any help would be appreciated!

Can you send me your image and Optics set-up file so I can take a look? The Optics setup file can be exported by using File > Save Setup in Optics.

What is the image’s color profile?

In the Lightroom External Editor preferences, do your settings match this?

If this has not been mentioned, when inside of Optics and working in Proxy mode (2K for example) some effects render slightly differently at full resolution. I suspect that you are seeing that difference.

Before exiting Optics, you can switch to FULL res to see the final quality and this should match your Lightroom output. The lighting effects that have “atmosphere” properties such as Rays, Lens Flares, or Ultra Glow are an example where you may see differences between proxy view and final full render.
Hope this helps.


Thanks Ross, that was it! While the software is pretty easy to pick up, there are a lot of nuances that’ll have me on my toes for awhile I think!

Thanks Marco also for the help.

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Great - glad to help. It is rare that I personally flip that proxy setting to FULL before outputting, but I do know from experience that there are a few effects that produce different results when the viewer is set to 2X down for speed.