Saved workspace location

Howdy! I just fired up Silhouette 2020.5 for the first time and realized my custom workspaces didn’t come from 2020.0. I figured they’re saved somewhere on disk but I haven’t been able to find them, nor could I find it documented in my (very quick) search. The little help button on the save workspace dialog also seems to be broken. Are those saved in a place where the user can easily access them and carry them over from version to version? That’d be quite convenient :slight_smile:


Welcome Nate! The custom workspaces are saved in the Windows > Registry. For 2020.5, there was a change to the registry which caused the previous workspaces to not appear. I suppose we should allow them to be saved on disk to make it so they are portable between versions. I’ll add a feature request for this.

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That’d be awesome! Thanks for the info, Marco!