Saving a Layer Stack as a Preset

I find myself creating effects by stacking multiple filters on top of each other. I know that I can save individual filter presets, but is there any way to save a layer stack as a preset? For example, I might use the oil paint effect, then use some grunge textures on top and finally a key light for some 3D texture effect. This requires three layers, but I will use those same three layers every time.

Not sure if this is a feature request or something I’m missing.

Welcome @rikardjr In Optics, File > Save Setup saves the layer and mask information so that it can be loaded with File > Open Setup and applied to other images.

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Yes Setup can be saved but you have to load it if you want to see how it looks on an image. I think it would be much more useful if you could save the presets of many layers as favourites and you can toggle between them to se immediately the results the same as the favourites I save for example in my exposure plugin.
Optics is amazing with many interesting filters but to be able to create a set that you use more often and see quickly the results without open every setup would be a strong improvement.

Yes, having a way to save multi-layers filter presets would be ideal. The is currently a feature request.

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