Scale Issue with Corel VideoStudio and BFX

NewBee Question. Using Corel Video Studio Ultimate (CVSU) 2018 and Boris FX plug in, I first created a medallion using Corel Draw. Exported to *.eps file. Opened CVSU and basic color background video. Applied BFX and edited with customized filter option.

Extruded and added color and motion to the basic circle and applied to the video clip. What comes out is an oval, not a circle! I have tried parameter changes such as scale, converting to *.ai before use, but cannot get the finished graphic to return a “circle”. I’m sure it has something to do with project resolution between projects but they are both reporting the same screen size. Any suggestions?

Sounds to me like an aspect ratio issue. If you send us the eps or ai file we can check it on our systems.

You might also check the aspect ratio settings for that media in title studio on your system. To do this, click on the Material Texture sub track in the timeline (should be nested in the imported eps track) and in the Control Panel, you should see the tab EPS Media and in that tab you should see the Aspect pop-up … try changing this setting to get the eps to display as a perfect circle.