Scaling Text Avid Version

Is there a way for Mocha in Avid to scale text as the camera moves closer to the object that is being tracked?

Assuming you are using the mocha Pro AVX plug-in for Avid, yes if you have a good track and are applying a text element via the Insert Module you should be seeing text scale with your track. The blue surface box represents the tracking data and you can always preview your track with the clip insert (logo or grid).

Additionally mocha Pro has keyframeable scale & transform options in the Insert Module.


Hope this helps. If you need more help, it is best to provide more detail about your project and a screen grab of what you are tracking in the interface.

Thanks Ross. Yes, I’m using the AVX Plugin. This seems to work. Although When I insert my title (once it has tracked) its being cropped. So I’m expanding the tracking area to allow all of the text to be seen… Is this correct?
Thanks again

Yes, you need to make sure you have enough room to see your text. Are you seeing weird results?


Hi Mary, Once I have made enough room in the tracking area all seems fine. I guess its ok to make the tracking area larger once it has tracked?

You can always move the surface tool however you like, it’s not static at all. It just follows the track. You can always adjust it when you are done tracking.