Screen Recordings - tutorial style video recordings

*Screen Recordings*

We thought you would like to be one of the first to know that we are in the process of setting up a new training section on our website at Boris FX | Videos (Boris FX | Videos)

Currently we only have a dozen motor and monet recordings listed but new recordings are being added weekly. Note that the monet QuickTime recordings have chapter menus to allow you to navigate recordings easily. Once motor is released we will finalise motor recordings and add chapters.

A good basic roto example can be found on the existing monet page, Boris FX | Creative Tools for Editing, Visual Effects, and Motion Graphics *

*monet is great for rotoscoping as far more objects can be tracked, reducing the need for time consuming, manual keyframing
Play - High res. ( Mb) Download - High res. ( Mb)

Additionally also view the planar tracker, recording! *

monet’s Planar Tracker*
This unique planar tracker bridges the gap between traditional 2D point trackers and 3D trackers, giving it the nickname ‘2.5D tracker’, to give you a better and faster way to generate 2D tracks.
Play - High res. ( Mb) Download - High res. ( Mb)

Great I’m looking forward to getting into those vids :smiley: