Screen Replacement Reflections Perspective Tracking Markers

My screen rotates and there’s not much edge to track without reflections. I’ve tried a bunch of different methods that I couldn’t get to work and ended up corner pinning by hand.

  1. I have tracking markers. Do they help or hurt?

  2. I’ll need to remove tracking markers if you have tips for that.

  3. How important is resolution in getting a good track?

  4. What’s the best method to track this example?

    Any guidance or links to relevant (still online) tutorials is greatly appreciated!

Track the edge of the phone and the tracking markers only, making sure to go a few pixels outside the edges, and avoid the reflection entirely. This will be a complicated shape that probably uses the add to x spline tool to get it right. Track from the end of the shot to the beginning, because you always want to track from the largest in frame area that is most parallel to the camera and least blurry. Use adjust track to correct any drift.

Honestly, I hate using tracking markers because of the problem of having to remove them. You can try the remove tool with interpolation on to try and get this correct looking but you might be better off replacing the reflection entirely.

Resolution and lack of compression are vital for a good track, because Mocha is a texture tracker. Anything you can do to preserve texture is a good thing. Anything that blows texture away (compression, low resolution, time remapping) is going to give you limited results.

Hope that helps, you should be able to track this shot but it’s a mid-range of difficulty.


Mary, Wow. That totally worked. You’re a dang genius thank you for the fast, excellent support and thorough answer. I love your video tutorials! Please make more.

If you feel like critiquing my work, please do:

I am glad you are all sorted out! That looks like you have the surface tool where it should be too. Happy to help. :slight_smile: