Screen replacement with foreground moving object

I would really appreciate if someone will help me with a solution to my tracking problem.

I have a pull out shot with an ipad screen I have to replace. The guy’s arm is moving over the screen area and the track is picking up the movement even when I have tracked the arm and placed track layer on top.


Begining of the shot :

Expand the roto shape out from the guy’s arm for about 5+ pixels using the uber key. His hand isn’t completely in the shape. That should sort this out. If not, please let me know.


Hell0 Mary,

the expansion did help a bit and the screen track remains in the relative area, but it still wiggles/jumps alot.

I tried manually to adjust the track but it’s still too much all over the place…

Can you email me the shot at maryp@imagineersystems,com?