Screen Tracking Help

Hey I’m having trouble with this clip.

I’m trying to track the screen (starting at :18sec) so that the actors movement doesn’t obstruct the screen.
However when I make the mask around the actor no matter how close or how many X-splines I use I still come up with an ugly mask and a gap between him.

I followed these steps.

  1. I tracked the screen. (Close but not perfect, the corners don’t adjust to the slight camera move)
  2. I drew a mask around the actor.
  3. I inserted a clip into the screen track

Is there any steps or methodology I’m missing to make this track and mask seamless?

Any help would be appreciated.

Try shrinking the masks when you paste them into AE and adding a feather, you can do that individually by mask in your AE layers. Also, in the future, don’t rotoscope by drawing around the entire outline of your subject, you will do a lot more work that way. Instead, break them into shapes. You’ll get more accurate tracks and roto that way and save yourself time.

You definitely want to take the time to go through our free mocha training: Boris FX | Videos

It’s super useful and goes over all these concepts.

Try that and let me know.