Scrolling Project Canvas

It might be a stupid question since this is basic 101, but I couldn’t find out how to do so.
I had to zoom in to precisely position the emitter on canvas. But then I was unable to easily scroll/move around the canvas as the emitter is animated. It was simpler on 3.0 as I remember.
The only solution I found for that was to actually move the layer numerically, entering values to its position. As I had auto key frame on, later I had to delete all those unwanted keyframes created for the layer.
I did search PI documents as I believe I was missing something, but didn’t find anything on that.

Hi There,

So to scroll / pan across the canvas you should hold down the spacebar and then click and drag in the stage.


Holy C…
I knew it was something right on my face and I just couldn’t see it.
I feel so stupid ; )

Obviously, it works as designed. Perfect!

Thank you!!!

What’s that old axiom about the forest and trees - the one that bites me in the rear every now and then. :slight_smile: