Scrubbing through tracked frames throws off planar surface

I’m having a serious problem with the Mocha AE plugin.

I’m trying to do a simple screen replacement.
The tracking works perfectly fine, but when I stop the tracking to adjust the planar surface, the previously tracked frames all go haywire.

In short, the planar surface changes shape when I scrub through the timeline after adjusting it in between.

I’ve been struggling with this for days. Please help. Attaching two screenshots.

Draw a shape around the entire front face of the screen and track from the area where the plane/screen is most parallel to the camera instead of turned away from the camera. Align the surface tool before you track, because this shot has a lot of perspective shift and it may be that you are pushing the surface tool behind the camera. This is something we have fixed in Mocha Pro’s latest release, but something Mocha AE will have until we can push that update to the Adobe team.

Try that and let me know if it fixes your problem for you.


hi mary, thanks for the reply.

I tried what you said. but I’m still getting the same problem. anything else I can do? this is making mocha pretty much unusable for me

starting tracking:

after tracking, then scrubbing back to first track point, this happens

Am I looking at the surface tool being off or the shape being the entire size of the shot being the problem? You won’t get a good track by making the shape the entire size of the shot, that’s tracking multiplanar objects together.

When I said the whole size of the screen, I meant the screen you are tracking, not the entire area of the shot.

This just looks like an incorrect track to me. Have you watched our getting started with Mocha series? I highly recommend starting with the first video and moving your way through the series: Boris FX | Getting Started with Mocha – 01 – Fundamentals of Planar Tracking

Watching this series will save you a lot of headache. Boris FX | Videos