Seam on remove on fisheye footage

I’m getting a straight but angled seam in my remove and am not sure what’s causing it.

Admittedly, this is probably not a perfect track, very hard to track this one. And this is high resolution 360 content that has been output as a fisheye. Not sure if tracking or the fisheye is throwing the alignment of the patch off.

Looks great except for this. And no other tool has gotten this close so far.

…Can’t share the content right now…

Try using ONLY frames before OR frames after in the remove settings and see if the line disappears. Sometimes curves surfaces can be a real pain and we can cheat it a bit by doing that.

Try that and let me know?


That helped… I have 100 frames to do for this remove. This handled about the first 40. The second half still breaks.

You can make cleanplates every 20-40 frames of the frames that work well and then render backwards instead of forwards as a workaround. Not ideal, but we are working on a solution.

I’ll try that. I’ve now got he first part of this going ok. Then it breaks almost halfway through. Can’t remember if I’ve tried rendering backwards… still having trouble generating clean plates for the second part of the shot though.

Can you be more specific about having trouble generating cleanplates?

Hi Chris - I’ve mentioned this before in the FB forums. There are times where the blend between before/after frames simply does not work well and can be overcome by choosing only before with zero after frames (or vice versa). Playing with blend or illumination settings on that 1 frame render can help.

For 360 you can use this technique to find the best render for very particular frames. Then you “create clean plate” on that frame.

Once you have a fair ammount of these good,clean render frames (saved as clean plates), you use the “use clean plates exclusively” button so the remove module will only reference the good frames you saved. Hope that makese sense and helps.

In trying to remove some stitch and optical flow errors in a stitch seam area, (not going full 360 coverage and this is output as a fisheye - destined for a high res dome eventually) would it be helpful to track each side with separate shapes instead of together? I’m getting a hard seam showing at one edge, and sometimes a big offset in my remove patch. (- ok, I think this is a different shot from the one I started this thread with, but seeing similar behavior…)

You can try tracking either side of the seam on the same layer using add to x-spline. That might get you better data, without seeing the shot it’s hard to give you a definite technique here.