Seamless Loop


I am trying to create seamless loops with PI and I can’t seem to achieve it. Everything I try, I end up with a jerky shift at the point of the loop. I found a thread from about 3 years ago that has an hacky workaround but I don’t think it would work in many situations (that thread is about a looping flame).

Any ideas how to create seamless loops with PI?


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Due to the random nature of particle creation in PI, it’s not possible without doing the “crossfade into itself” trick which doesn’t work for all situations.

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Hi just out of curiosity which emitter/s are you using? can you share a full screen capture?

The seeds and all of the adjustments have predictable behavior so they could be marshaled into a loop. I wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Red Giant’s Particular has a way to loop so I was hoping that PI could do the same since I prefer PI.

The one I am working on now is based on the Metal Curtain 02 prefab. I have dozens of these to create with all kinds of emitter types (and multiple per project) and they must be seamless loops without looking like they are reversed