Second Device License option?

Hi Mocha Team,

I’m frequently traveling and am constantly having to de-activate my desktop Mocha so that I can use it on my laptop, wherein I have to look up the email receipt, find the license key to paste and re-activate etc. And in situations where I am unable to remote log-in to my desktop (like now), there is no simple way to “deactivate all machines” with one click. This gets very stressful when I’m on a deadline for a job.

Are there any plans in the future to allow a second device for a single user? Or perhaps a reduced fee for the extra node? I can’t rationalize purchasing two full licenses when I’m only using one device at a time. Maybe implement a system that “checks” if the other device is active in which case you have to shut it down to use the other one. Just a thought.

Most software I have allows two installs, which really helps speed and workflow with a desktop/laptop setup. I am a very happy customer, and this is my sole source of stress with your incredible software. Thank you.

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More recent versions should allow you to deactivate and reactivate, what version are you currently on?

Hi @maryp, okay I may have been on an old version. I just updated and will let you know if I run into the issue again. Thanks, that feature will be very helpful.

Hi @maryp, so I’ve returned home and am experiencing the same issue with deactivation.

The Deactivate license option only appears if you are already activated. So if my laptop is active, and I don’t have access to it, then I cannot deactivate it from my desktop, because my desktop version is in Trial Mode (and therefore not tied to my License Key). When you are in Trial Mode, and you enter your license key, it shows the error message I posted earlier, and the Deactivate other computers option doesn’t show up, so basically I’m stuck unless I message your team to manually deactivate my license.

I have Mocha 2020.5 v7.5.1 for Mac on both machines. Unless I’m doing something wrong, this really would be a massive help if you could add the ability to remotely deactivate all machines.

Thank you.

Have you tried our App Manager? Boris FX | App Manager

That should allow you to do what you’re asking, I believe. However, the live support team is a bit better resource for licensing issues than the forums. Let me get you a link. Boris FX | Open a Case

Ok, I’ll give it a try, thank you.