Seeking solution: warp drive look

Hello - apologies if this has already been discussed. I’m still brand new to Optics, have another deadline I’m working against for a client’s campaign, so throwing out this question:

I need to create the look of a small metallic product coming out of warp drive (star wars/star trek). Effectively, a star field that streaks/stretches back to “infinity”. Stars on the outer fringes are normal, the closer the get to the center point the more they stretch.

The object also needs to be composited into this, so it looks like it’s emerging from the wormhole or whatever it would be called. I’m imagining that it’s simply greatly elongated back along the z-axis.

All this - best if not dead-centered, but rather coming out and aimed outward at an angle relative to the center of the image, e.g. object coming out is aimed at the upper left quadrant.

I know this may be way outside the scope of Optics, but it offers a lot, and I’m still digesting all of its capabilities.

Thank you again!

@images S_Rays in the Light group would be your best bet. You can use a mask like Spot Mask to limit where the effect will occur.