Seeking to Create a More Precise VFX Overlay

OS: Windows 10
Continuum: 2023 w/ ParticleIllusion
NLE: Magix Vegas Pro 19

Below is a 54 sec. render that is self-explanatory. I created the overlay back in 2007 which loops twice in the video with pre-GenArts, pre-Boris PI v.3.

“Lumifire” - 0:54 min.

The overlay was as .png file sequence and I don’t have them anymore and can’t run v.3 either.

It came out OK, but… I’d like to be able to create slim rays that would essentially mimic, trace and bend as per the “V”-ish curvature of the still art’s original vertical light “geyser.”

Not sure this is possible, but figured I’d ask. And if so, what emitter or emitters would be best be suited for this?


NOTE: I was not able to edit the above to change the link to the render for I needed to correct a small error in it, so please use this one:

“LUMIFIRE” - 0:54 min.

Oh, and also since I’m at it, bump, for no replies so far.