Select colour/alpha for spline?

Hi, i asked this a little while back but thought i’d bring it back up :wink:
The magnetic tool is good but Is it poss at some point to add a Select tool where you click a colour & it creates a mask,
This image is white on a transparent png, but either way if it was white/green/blue… on a coloured background, it’d be nice just to click on the text & and presto a spline around that text/colour.

Sounds like you want a magic wand-style picker to spline tool.
Sure - we can log this as a feature request… but honestly, it might be a lower request in the general context and priorities of what Mocha Pro is most commonly used for – assisting visual effects and compositing tasks.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Yep i understand that it might not be high on the list, yep a magic wand, i guess it would need a sensitivity/threshold control :blush::+1:

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Hi Ross, I would second this request, with the bonus to auto track the point we click the wand position on (if we wanted)

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Hi, not sure i understand ‘auto track the point we click’, if you click n something that selects a colour, that colour would be tracked the best Mocha could do,
maybe if you clicked on something that would leave a dot, like a stamp, that stamp would stick to the pixels it was stamped on & it can be tracked, but wouldn’t that just be like creating a small spline circle, like clicking once with the brush tool , if that makes sense,
I would like it tho if Mocha could track real time mouse cursor movements on screen, auto keyframes x/z as the timeline plays/tracks & the cursor moves :grin::+1: