Select colour to create mask?

Hi, I was just wondering if i could propose a request to Mocha Pro or if this is poss within a different effect & combine it some way with Mocha,-
I use Gimp but i assume it’s similar to Photoshop, in there i can select by colour using the cursor which gives me a selected area, i can then copy, drag a colour, gradient etc into that selection or use that selection to create a mask, could this ‘select color’ be added to Mocha’s layer creation tools just to create an initial mask on that one frame, then the mask can be tracked as normal.?
Maybe this is not poss or just a daft thought, :joy::upside_down_face::man_cartwheeling::+1:

Just for example, imagine this flower just moving a bit in the breeze & wanted to track it, the yellow colour is strong

We don’t have a select color, but we do have the magnetic spline tool and that’s really good at edge finding. Can you try using the magnetic spline tool and see if it helps you?

We can add color selection as a feature request. :slight_smile:

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Thankyou Mary, yep the magnetic tool works & the keyboard Snap shortcut, but just for ease of use i thought this might be a nice feature, thanks for adding it :+1:

I recently made some Pyramids for a photographer, if these were video clips i’m sure Mocha would track fine & these are geometrically straight so easy to mask :+1: I only have still images tho but even for those i find Mocha is my go to plugin to create a mask, for anything still or moving :+1:

Mocha might not track those very well without the edges as there is no texture though.

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:+1: Ok yeah, because Mocha is looking at the pattern of the pixels, & a flat coloured object has no pattern,
Gotta say it again tho, loving Mocha Pro :+1: i’ve had a vid editing software for 16yrs+ & have always had to hand key each frame or every other frame to mask something. :+1::+1: