Selection Issues

We are working with Motor files that have upwards of 50-150 matte layers in one project. What I’m noticing is even though I have the splines Hidden, the cursor still “sees” them while I’m trying to select an exposed spline. I’ll click on the exposed spline only to see one of my Hidden layers get activated in the Layer Controls panel.

It becomes increasingly annoying to constantly have to click several times on my working spline in order to select it, especially when I have hidden splines in the same area as the one I’m working on. It kills my workflow speed if I constantly have to click on my layer out in the layer panel.

Can you guys come up with a way to Lock a selection? That way the layer being worked on never gets deselected until you tell it to deselect. Either that or fix the way you are handling the hidden splines and make it so the cursor doesn’t “see” them underneath the unhidden splines, or change the nature of how a spline realizes it’s being clicked on to be activated.