SelectionManager does not recognize tracker linked layer?

A new issue has come up in our work environment where a few artists have run into this following error dialog:

“SelectionManager does not recognise tracker linked layer”

They were working normally within Motor, clicked on the X-Spline button and drew out a new layer shape, and as soon as they hit the track button, this error popped up. It’s happened on two machines so far, and we can’t figure it out.

We’ve double-checked that the new layer is linked to itself and that other layers are not linked to it, tried setting the layer linking to none and tracking that way to see if it reset it, quit and reset motor, and we cannot get this error to stop happening. What’s going on?

Hi Marconius,

I saw this error the other day on a project a customer sent me. I haven’t established what causes it yet, but happened when I opened the project and tried to render one of the layers, that was linked to another layer. To clear the error, I switched the linkage to a different layer, then back to the correct layer, after which it rendered correctly.

Does this work for you?

Best regards,


Hi again,

I’m back leading my roto/animation team again, and we are running into the same problems as before.

This error is still occurring on Motor 1.5 and is corrupting some of our roto files, making the artists have to go back and completely redo their shots. Can we please have some insight into this error?