Send to Mocha Error- Help!


I followed all instructions on how to install the send to mocha script and all I get is " error interpreting this plugin"<b></b><i></i>

when I add this line nuke.pluginAddPath(‘./mocha’) to the file .

Either I am a moron, or there is more to just adding the contents to the .Nuke folder

and adding nuke.pluginAddPath(‘./mocha’) to the inti file.

Can anyone please help me with this?



OK, I’ll help myself for future issues with this problem.

It appears that when I copied the python code nuke.pluginAddPath(’./mocha’) there was either a comma, or space that was incorrect on the “Read Me” install note.

This made it impossible for it to work.

So a future message to myself when I try to install this with NukeX 15, … Read your notes Lou!

Lou, is this working for you on a Nuke 13.1 build?
If so, could you perhaps send me your version of the plugin/scripts as I am having trouble getting mine to work!