Send to Mocha Python 3

Is there an update for this wonderful Nuke script to send plates to Mocha?
If not, can I formally request one please?

I would love an update for Python 3 / Nuke 13.1 builds.

We don’t have one, but we can see if @martinb has any time for Python anytime soon.

Looking through my previous posts, it seems I’ve asked about this before but totally forgot!
It would be really great to get Martin on it, it’s become an integral part of my workflow but no longer works. I am not skilled in python to be able to update the script myself sadly.

I know this might not be the solution you are looking for, but in case you were not aware…
all Mocha Pro standalone application licenses also support the plugin. SO if you were interested, simply install the Mocha Pro OFX plugin and you will be able to launch Mocha Pro from within Nuke which gives some nice workflow benefits.

We know some Nuke artists prefer to use the standalone Mocha application but just wanted to mention this is available and your license will work with both.

The last Mocha Pro release also greatly improves the performance and playback of the Mocha plugin in Nuke. Hope this helps.

I agree with @rosss 's sentiment above, you may be far better off using the plugin.

I’ll see what I can do about updating the script for Nuke 13.1. We also now have a Mocha Python script repository here: GitHub - boris-fx/mocha-scripts: Python Scripts for Mocha

I’ll update that repo with the Nuke script when I get the chance!

Thanks Ross and Martin

I have managed to fix up the script to work with Nuke 13.1 :smile:
There’s some other functionality I think it needs, such as opening scripts if they already exist, but I am not great with python. Perhaps if I learn more I can add this and let you know so you can share it with your community.