Sending Tracking Data to AECS4

Recently we upgraded to V1.5. Now the tracking data is sent with values for position, rotation and scale, not with just the corner pin data. I don’t know why it is doing this. Please point me in the right direction.:confused:

Hi Jeshram,

We changed the way corner pin data is exported to AE because the previous method did not support motion blur. Now that we have separated out the translation, scale and rotation from the other motion, AE will correctly render motion blur on the object.

Is this causing you a problem?

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If you’ve matched the pixel-aspect ratio and other settings between mocha and AE, then you should just be able to paste it. However, the corner-pin positions are relative to the layer being inserted, not the background. This means your insert clip needs to be the same dimensions as the clip you tracked in mocha.

If it’s different, the easiest way around it is to precomp the insert into a frame of the correct size, then apply the corner pin effect to the new comp.

Some of these points are covered in our tutorials on mocha -> AE:

would be a good one to look at if you haven’t already seen it.

You should also look at the excellent MochaImport script by Mathias Möhl which simplifies some of the steps.

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Thanks for the prompt response!
Nothing serious. But before, to place the image where i wanted it, all i had to do was copy, paste the position values into the anchor point.
Is there any precise way to do the same? I mean, be certain that the image is where i want it? (where i placed the surface on mocha?).
Or am i doing something wrong, cause, i’ve been able to do amazing tracks with mocha, but i have always had to change the values mentioned before.
Thanks again.

Silly me! i was pre composing the “content” for the track and then applying the data to that comp, but i wasn’t using the same comp size as the background. Still worked! hahaha! But i tried it just now and it works as always, perfect.
Awesome products!
Thank You.