Setting Roto Motion Blur to Zero with keyframes?


I have a clip where there’s a jump cut in the clip of a talent being near the left edge of the frame but then in the very next frame they are more to the right as the rest of the clip plays out. This is causing and extreme/unnatural motion blur on the 2nd frame when the talent is more to the right, but then the rest of the motion blur on the rest of the clip looks fine.

From what I can see, Motion Blur on a roto shape does not allow you to keyframe the motion blur check box on/off, but could you please let me know what are the values I could keyframe in on the ‘shutter angle’ and ‘shutter phase’ to essentially have Motion Blur “off”/“set to zero” for that one frame, and then return them back to the default values for the rest of the clip?

Thanks for the help!!!

I suggest turning off the shape at the frames where the motion blur is unnatural and manually keyframing with a variable edge feather during those frames.