Several title studio effects all the same after underlying footage has been

I’ve several title studio effects (BCC11) in my Avid timeline. Created them one after each other, rendered them, moved on to the next and so on.

Than I had to batch…re-import an underlying clip (ready animated clip with alpha). After that all previously rendered title studio effects went unrendered. So far, so understandable in the avid world. But now it comes: All my title studio effects show the similar content now. They are still animated somehow the right way. So where I had various texts and a countdown, now I only got countown. On unrendered title studio effect parts where the text only mismatched when I enter the TS UI it overtakes the countdown. Feels a little bit like a “virus”. It s not.

So I see somehow what is going on, but my question is, where is my flaw in my workflow. Do I have to save every TS Effect as an own BCC effect, which would be against the in-host-work aproach in my opinion? Is there something I am missing here? Is it an old bug that might have been addressed in newer versions?

OSX 10.10.5, Avid 8.8.5, BCC 11.0.2

This is a bug which was was introduced by a performance optimization in BCC11.0.2 (and it affects only Avid hosts). This will be fixed in BCC11.0.3 (while still preserving the performance optimization) and we expect this to be available very soon, although I can’t specify an exact release date. In the meantime you could contact and request a BCC11.0.0 installer which does not have this problem.

Thanks for the reply. Good to know.

This issue is fixed in Continuum 11.0.3 which has now been released and is available to download on the BorisFX website:
Boris FX | Downloads?