Shaky jumping frames?

Hi, look at this footage. its jumps at one point I would want to fix.
I just want to fix the frame the footage jumps.
Is there a way in mocha or Silhouette?

I tried stabilize in mocha but haven’t gotten into to work as I want.

Try tracking several multiplanar shapes at once at several corners of the shot all on the same layer, with as much texture as you can find. Usually we say track a single plane at a time, but with stabilize you often get better results by approximating the camera motion with multiplanar tracks at once. It’s a cheat of sorts.

Then, once your track is complete and your surface tool looks like it is following the jump in the motion, go to the stabilize module, use “all motion” and “maximum smoothing.” If that looks odd, use translation, scale, and rotation only with maximum smoothing. You may need to add a reference frame at the beginning and end so you don’t end up over-cropping the image.

Can you try that and let me know?

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